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sUCCESS STORY : Hanneke Schleicher

Because we all have a good reason to speak French, we are proud to have helped our student Hanneke Schleicher develop her passion for wine.

Hanneke has been a ‘register vinoloog’ since 2017 and has set up her own company Proeven als een Pro. Being able to talk to winemakers in French was essential for her, so she started studying the French language 4 years ago at the Alliance Française Rotterdam.

Thanks to the support of her teacher Véronique, Hanneke now has a good level in French (B2). We have therefore asked Hanneke to organise a wine tasting at the Alliance Française Rotterdam on Friday 10 June 2022.

About the tasting evening, Hanneke says: “It was a chance to combine my two great passions: France and Wine. I really enjoyed doing it and all the participants were enthusiastic. I didn’t speak perfectly yet, I have a lot to learn. The French language is still a challenge and I hope that one day I will be able to do an internship with a winemaker to optimise my French.

Congratulations again to Hanneke, to whom we wish a lot of success in her activity as a winemaker and in her learning of French!