CINEMA Enjoy all the francophone movies at the Lantarenvenster cinema in Rotterdam, with a special rate for members of the Alliance Française Rotterdam : 8,5€. Lantarenvenster : Le règne animal (Thomas Cailley), Je verrai toujours vos visages (Jeanne Herry), Le livre des solutions (Michel Gondry), Anatomy of a fall (Justine Triet), Le pot-au-feu (Trần Anh … Lire plus


Out of Control: The Rise of A.I. – Kino Rotterdam Also : In November, Rotterdam’s Kino cinema is screening a selection of films on the theme of artificial intelligence. From Fritz Lang’s Metroplolis (1927) to the documentary The A.I. Dilemma (2023), Kino is showing a series of films questioning the dangers of artificial intelligence. Don’t … Lire plus

Novembre Numérique 2023 – SPACE

Organisé sur les cinq continents grâce au réseau culturel français à l’étranger, Novembre Numérique a pour objectif de mettre en lumière la richesse de la création numérique française. Les grands enjeux du numérique et de son usage sont explorés au travers d’ateliers, de performances audiovisuelles, d’expositions ou encore d’expériences immersives ! Pour la seconde fois … Lire plus

Novembre Numérique 2023 – AXIS MVNDI

Free exhibition, open during Alliance opening hours Artistic performance by Nicolas Montgermont Axis Mvndi is a device that sends radio waves in space in order to draw shapes at a cosmic scale. By playing on the movement of a dish antenna, ancient cosmological models are materialized into space and become autonomous shapes in infinite movement. … Lire plus


Update 28 November 2021 Due to new sanitary rules, AFR will close its doors every day at 5 p.m. from November 28.  What does that change for you? The courses that took place with us after 5 pm will continue online. Your teacher will then send you a Zoom invitation to attend the class. For courses taking … Lire plus


Estimate your level with the help of the CECRL scale description and make an appointment here with a teacher to do a more complete test ! If you’ve never studied french before, you can directly sign up for the A1.1 class here. Niveau A1 : Découverte  Niveau A1.1 : Niveau A1.2: Niveau A2 : La survie  Niveau … Lire plus