Simple comme Sylvain: Quebec film directed by Monia Chokri. Comedy drama. Language: French
Mars Express: French film directed by Jérémie Périn. Science fiction and animation. Language: French
Anatomy of a Fall: French film directed by Justine Triet. Drama. Language: French, English and German. Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, two Golden Globes and five Oscars nominations!

Enjoy all the francophone movies at the Lantarenvenster cinema in Rotterdam, with a special rate for members of the Alliance Française Rotterdam : 8,5€.

Lantarenvenster : Simple comme Sylvain (Mona Chokri), La Passion de Dodin Bouffant (Trần Anh Hùng), Chocolat et Beau Travail (Retrospective Claire Denis, february 22)

Kino : Anatomie d’une chute (Justine Triet), Simple comme Sylvain (Mona Chokri), Mars express (Jérémie Périn)

Cinerama : Anatomie d’une chute (Justine Triet)

Major literary award

The Goncourt, Médicis, Femina and Renaudot literary awards are highly anticipated every year. The winning authors have touched the juries and moved readers. Whether through their stories, their styles or their messages, these writers invite us to enter their worlds. Below is a selection of the latest literary prizes awarded:

Veiller sur elle, Jean-Baptiste Andrea: winner of the Prix Goncourt 2023

August 1986. Mimo is dying in an Italian monastery where he has lived for forty years, watching over his last work, a disturbing statue. During his last hours, between memories and ramblings, he dives into the story of his life: his apprenticeship with a brutal alcoholic sculptor, his meeting with Viola, the only daughter of the Orsini family, with whom he falls in love, and his success.

Prix Goncourt: France’s most prestigious literary prize. The prize, which has been awarded since 1903, offers the winner a symbolic reward of 10 euros, but there is more to it than that: a Prix Goncourt is the promise of best-selling books and numerous translations.

Triste Tigre, Neige Sinno: winner of the Prix Femina 2023 and the Prix Goncourt des lycéens 2023

I wanted to believe, I wanted to dream that the kingdom of literature would welcome me like any of the orphans who find refuge there, but even through art, you can’t emerge victorious from abjection. Literature didn’t save me. I’m not saved.

Prix Femina: The prize was created as a challenge to the Prix Goncourt, which was considered misogynistic. The special feature of this prize is its all-female jury.

Que notre joie demeure, Kévin Lambert: Prix Médicis and Prix Décembre 2023

A millionaire architect who started from nothing, Céline Wachowski has her own series on Netflix and contracts all over the world. An ambassador for modernity, she is convinced that she can bring beauty to the world. But her most ambitious project was brought to a screeching halt by controversy: accused of encouraging gentrification, her strategy and working methods were condemned. In a matter of days, she is fired from her own company, and begins a journey through the desert that leads her to a meditation on guilt.

Prix Médicis: The prize is awarded to a new or little-known novelist.