Course Material

The methods we use for the classes focus on interaction and are written in French. They are all structured according tot the European Framework of Reference for Languages.   

General French / intensive (36 hours)A1.1Entre Nous 11 t/m 4
A1.2Entre Nous 15 t/m 8
A2.1Entre Nous 21 t/m 3
A2.2Entre Nous 24, 5, 6 en 8
A2.3geen boek
B1.1Edito B11 t/m 3
B1.2Edito B14 t/m 6
B1.3Edito B17 t/m 9
B2.1Edito B21 t/m 3
B2.2Edito B24 t/m 6
B2.3Edito B27 t/m 9
B2.4Edito B210 t/m 12
General French / year-round coursesA1L’atelier A1
A2L’atelier A2
B1.AL’atelier B1
B2.AL’atelier B2