Le Tour de la Poésie!

Throughout Europe, activity is cautiously blooming as we allow ourselves to envision a level of normality in our workspaces and relationships. With the long-awaited Tour de France right around the corner, Poetry International wants to take you on one last summer trip to our neighbouring country, France, and beyond through a compilation of French-speaking poems. The itinerary follows no common thread; it explores diverse techniques, various themes and an abundance of experiences. Embark on the adventure as we roam through the maze that is Francophone poetry.
© Clara Clandillon

About Poetry International Archives

Poetry International was born out of the Poetry International Festival, which has been bringing the absolute best international poets to appreciative Rotterdam crowds since 1970. The annual festival each June remains its most important activity, along with the Poetry Archives online, which collects and showcases poets and poems from around the world.
Since 1988, Poetry International has awarded the yearly C. Buddingh’ Prize for the best Dutch-language poetry debut during the Poetry International Festival.