Alliance Française Rotterdam

This course is all about speaking French. When needed there will be some attention for support in grammar, but the practice of the language is the point of focus. In order to join a conversation course you need to have a minimal level of French speaking skills (level A2 of the European framework for languages).

During the course you will be working on extending your vocabulary and improving your speaking skills.


It is possible to join a conversation course level A2, B1, B2 or C. If you have not followed any courses at the Alliance Française yet please step in during one of the Open door Days in order to take a free leveltest. After this test you will know if your level of French corresponds to one of the offered levels. After concluding the conversation course,  you have the possibility to move on to a General French course. You can also choose to continue on the same level conversation course. Your teacher can inform you further about this.


Conversation courses start twice each trimester.
A course consists of 6 classes of 2 hours or 12 classes of 2 hours each.
The maximum number of students in a group is 10 and the minimum is 6.
The next conversation course A2/B1 starts from Juin 19, 2020.

Cost and registration

€180.- (excl subscription fee of €20, only for new students) for 6 weeks. 
To register, please fill in the online enrollment form.

There are no classes during school and bank holidays. In consultation with the teacher it can be decided to continue the lessons during the holidays.

Once a week 2 h
6 weeks, 12 h | € 180,- (excl. € 20,- inschrijfkosten)
12 weeks, 24 h | € 275,- (excl. € 20,- inschrijfkosten)
A2Start in september 2020
B1Fri 18.30-21.00 u

Start week 19 2020 (8 may)
B2/CTue 16.00-18.00 u Start week 19 2020 (12 may)